Frog Street Theme 2 Training

Click on the following documents to access the materials used during the training:

  1. Powerpoint Presentation
  2. 3D Anchor Chart
  3. Vocabulary Anchor Chart
  4. 3D Shapes
  5. Frayer Model
  6. Blank Frayer Model
  7. Focus Worksheet
  8. Slide-Flip-Roll
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8 Responses to Frog Street Theme 2 Training

  1. Patricia V says:

    Thanks a million and one.

  2. Rhonda Martinez says:

    To help students learn the alphabet, I begin with the letters in their names. I take their name off of the letter wall, and introduce the student to he class. I then use magnetic letters to spell the student’s name. The students repeat the letters as they are being said. Next, we count the number of letters in the name. The letters are then mixed up, and the student must put his/her name together again. Next, we clap the syllables in the name. I then use the name as part of Morning Message. I ask the student to share something that he/she likes, and then I write a three word sentence ________ likes ________. Finally, the student circles all the letters in the message that begin with the first letter in his/her name.

  3. Ms. Marcela mentioned, on September 17th on Monday at Sinclair es, a technique on which it included how a teacher discussed as a whole group, the initial sound of the classmate, counted how many letters to the name, clapped syllables to the name etc. She had a picture of it. Could you ask her if she could share?

  4. Debbie Whitley says:

    Thank you guys for being so prompt! Love these trainings.

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