On the vocabulary and letter identifications subtests, why are items skipped or timed-out?

In an effort to protect student data, the system will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity and you will need to reenter your Google ID and password.  When you see the screen asking you to log in or return to the homepage, you can click either button.  If this screen keeps appearing, and you are unable to log back into the system, please close your browser tab and clear your internet cache.  Then, return to www.cliengage.org and click the “sign in” button.

On the vocabulary and letter identification subtests, if the 60 seconds time out during the last item, the rapid task will skip to the “congratulations” screen.  The final item will not display for the full 3 seconds.

For the smoothest administration on the rapid tasks, we recommend using the quick key arrows to record responses. Once the item has begun to fade, only tap the correct (“right”) arrow. If the item is incorrect, let the picture fade and wait for the new item to appear.

If you enter a correct response as soon as the letter/picture begins to fade, the response will be recorded and the next item will present accurately.  If you press correct right on the edge of the ½ second when the item is about to change, it will skip the next item, but the child will still be given the correct response for the previous item.

The child’s overall score and benchmark will not be affected by the skipped letter/picture as the child will still be provided 60 full seconds of item exposure. Please keep in mind this task captures automaticity of children’s letter/vocabulary recognition.  If children are not responding within three seconds, you can simply wait for the next item to be presented.

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