The Early Childhood Department is providing the following resources to assist administrators with a framework of best practices in the Early Childhood classroom.

  1. ECH IP Guidance for Appraisers
  2. ECH Principal Handbook 
  3. PK Administrator’s Observation Guide
  4. Kinder Administrator’s Observation Guide

The following presentations were shared during the Summer Leadership Institute (June 17-19, 2014):

1. Kindergarten Readiness Skills Screener – The KRS is a comprehensive screener developed to determine if students entering kindergarten have the readiness skills of a typically developed child of kindergarten age. Learn each aspect of the KRS and understand how to use the KRS to individualize learning for kindergarten students.

The following documents were also presented during the training: Snapshot of a Kindergarten Student and CPALLS+ overview.

2. Early Childhood Observation Guide (PK/K Classrooms) – The guide is a rubric-based tool that participants will use to deeply analyze the components of the Early Childhood classroom including but not limited to: Classroom Environment, Data Collection and Tracking, and The Content Area Instructional Blocks.

2 Responses to ADMIN SUPPORT

  1. Lizette Arzate says:

    Is rest time part of the daily schedule in Prek and can the principal remove it from the schedule if she wishes?
    Is there any documents that states rest time is mandatory or beneficial to the developing student in prek…

    • ECH Team says:

      The ECH Dept has a suggested schedule for PK which includes a 30 minute rest period. You may locate this document under the tab – Admin Support – ECH Principal Handbook, p. 15. According to TEA, rest time is determined at the local district level. Although recommended by the Curriculum Department, schools are able to exercise a degree of discretion in deciding their own PK schedule.

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