Curriculum FAQs

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, please feel free to send us your question(s) in the box below.  We will get the answer(s) to you as soon as possible.


13 Responses to Curriculum FAQs

  1. Lauren says:

    When will the unit planning guides be posted on the HUB? Want to get an early start 🙂

    • ECH Team says:

      They are posted on the HUB but you may want to check with your administrator to get your login information.

    • ECH Team says:

      They are now on the HUB. Access them by clicking on “Site Course Catalog”, type EARLY CHILDHOOD in the search box, ENROLL IN THE COURSE. Go back to your COURSE page and Early Childhood (ECH) PK Guide should show.

  2. Marisol C. says:

    Are the assessment dates for BOY, MOY, and EOY going to be the same for this coming year?
    Thank you

    • ECH Team says:

      The assessment dates might change slightly. These are posted on our pacing calendar. (BOY – Sept. 29-Oct. 17, MOY – Jan. 12-30, EOY – Apr. 20-May 8).

  3. Elizabeth Mata says:

    Does anyone know what needs to be done to download the Interactive CD to the student’s computer? I tried opening it, but it is asking for more memory.

  4. Mary Shields says:

    When will the Unit planning guides be available for the second and third grading periods? Our team is supposed to plan for the next 12 weeks on Friday, Oct. 25th. We will also receive an assessment calendar for the second grade period?

    • ECH Team says:

      The document for the 2nd grading period has been turned in to our production department. It should be up on eLearn soon. Planning guides for the 3rd grading period will be uploaded in December. The assessment calendar for the 2nd grading period is currently being created. It will be posted next week.

  5. Maria Schmelter says:

    May we have a copy of the handhouts from yesterday’s training on theme 2? We came to the inservice but there was no space for us. Thank you.

    • ECH Team says:

      Sure, click on the Teacher Resources Tab/ Training Resources and you should be able to download our presentation as well as the materials used during the session.

  6. Yen says:

    I would like to know if you will have homework calendar translated in Vietnamese because I have 99% Vietnamese students in my class and not all of my parents will be able to work with their child because of the language barrier.

    Y. Trieu

    • ECH Team says:

      I know we have a Spanish version of the homework calendar but not in Vietnamese. We will try to get in touch with HISD’s Translation Services Department to see if they can do the translation for us. As soon as we have them, we will be adding it here on the blog. You may also get in touch with them at

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