Assessment FAQs

  1. What is the new PK assessment?
  2. How does the CIRCLE assessment compare to the Frog Street assessment?
  3. If the class is a dual language program, do I give the assessment in English or Spanish?
  4. When does the window open for BOY (Wave 1), MOY (Wave 2), and EOY (Wave 3)?
  5. How do I register for CLI Engage?
  6. How do I setup a Google account?
  7. Where do I go to administer the CIRCLE assessment?
  8. How do I upload my class roster on Engage?
  9. When will I be able to access the reports from the CIRCLE assessment system?
  10. How valid is this test for students with disabilities, since there’s a response time that some may not meet?
  11. Will we have access to vocabulary cards prior to testing?
  12. How long does it take to administer the CIRCLE assessment per student?
  13. If a child refuses to answer (or is having a bad day), can you invalidate and give it another day?
  14. What are the required subtests on the CIRCLE assessment for PK BOY?
  15. What are the required subtests on the CIRCLE assessment for the Kinder Readiness Screener?
  16. Is CIRCLE as student progress measure?
  17. My invitation link expired, how to I get a new one?
  18. Why is the system timing out while I am giving the test?
  19. I am a school administrator, how do I get access to the platform?
  20. What do I do if I see the message “Operation Has Failed No Transport”?
  21. Do I need to download Google Chrome to view the assessment?
  22. Why is the assessment loading so slow?
  23. On timed tests, why are items skipped or timed-out?
  24. I don’t see any of my students in the system, what do I do?
  25. I forgot my Google password, how do I reset it?
  26. How do I access the Engage Platform when all I see is the UTHealth login?
  27. I am having difficulty completing the registration page, what do I do?
  28. What button do I click to administer the assessment in Spanish?
  29. How do I log in to CLI Engage after I’ve successfully registered?

15 Responses to Assessment FAQs

  1. Liz Arzate says:

    Can I make a friendly request to Frog Street in changing the print out of the “PIE CHART” results in COLOR. It would be nice for our principals/assessors to see our results in color especially if you have growth within the assessment windows. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Bethany Roberts says:

    For some reason, the Bilingual section of the Alliteration does NOT have anywhere for the teacher to scroll to go to the next slide. How can we fix this?

    • ECH Team says:

      Bethany, please use another browser because when we checked, it does have the arrows below the directions and the page number in between the arrows. Everything looks right on our end.

  3. Silvia Vazquez says:

    I have not received my login information from frog street. My school said that I am coded correctly in the system. What else can I do?

  4. Michele says:

    I have a student on my class roster that is not enrolled in my class. How do I remove her name?

  5. Anne says:

    When trying to look at my assessment data for last year (I did change the class year) I don’t seem to have access to my general data, the catagories I created using the test explorer last year show up. I did not print my EOY data at the end of last year, but would like to revisit it. Thanks,

  6. Juliana Bruce says:

    Thank you for your reply. I wanted to know how can I separate the 3 year olds into their own group on the FSP assessment so that their scores will not be counted in with the 4 year olds. Currently, they are all listed together.

    • ECH Team says:

      This can be done with “Groups” in FSA. Here are the steps:
      1. Log in.
      2. On the left side (between Classes and Students) click the “Add” button next to Group.
      3. Add all the students you want in this Group (e.g. all the 3 year olds), click Save.
      4. Repeat and create another Group for the 4 year olds.
      You will be able to view pie charts, bar graph, etc. for just one group of students at a time.

  7. Juliana Bruce says:

    I have 3 year olds and 4 year olds in my class. Will I be required to assess the 3 year olds? How can I separate them into their own group? Currently, they are all on my Frog Street class list to be assessed.

  8. Michelle Thomas says:

    I currently teach a 90/10 dual language program Do I give the assessment in English or Spanish?

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