I Can Statements

I CAN statements are based off the PK guidelines and broken down into simple learning standards students can understand. These statements written in kid-friendly language help students become more reflective of their own learning and allow teachers to see their students’ progress towards proficiency.

Click to access the I Can statements in the following skill domains: I Can Rdg I_Can_WritingI_Can_Math I_Can_Lang_CommI_Can_SS I_Can_PE I_Can_Sci I_Can_Soc_Emo I_Can_Tech I_Can_Fine_Arts

Spanish I Can statements are available below:

lectura escrituramatematicas lenguajeestudios_sociales fisicociencias emocionaltecnologia bellas_artes    

9 Responses to I Can Statements

  1. Lizette Arzate says:

    To the ECH department team, I can not stress enough how enthusiastic I feel about the blog, the trainings, and most of all the “I can statements”. I’ve been w/ Prek for nine years and I feel that through your communications in the blog you have given us a tool to connect and have made prek be recognized. Thanks !!!

  2. Marilyn Christensen says:

    Are these to be used for the posted daily objectives and if so in alignment with district recommendations can a verb and product be added?

  3. Joanna Gonzales-Rivera says:

    The English Technology statements are in Spanish. Can you fix them so I can print them in English? Thank you!

  4. Dinora Espnosa says:

    At the lead teacher meeting yesterday, did you state the Spanish I can statements were on the blog already?

  5. Patricia Lumpkin says:

    I can not open the Science guidelines. Please let me know if it is something I am doing wrong. I love these and will be printing them as needed to use on my Guidelines board.


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