All Kindergarten teachers will administer a Kindergarten Readiness Screener to determine which students are on level and which students do not have the necessary readiness skills.  This information will provide Kindergarten teachers with specific data to help teachers target student needs and scaffold instruction.  It also provides parents with useful information about their child’s skills and readiness to learn.

The screener provides a comprehensive overview of a child’s development in the following domains:

  • Language & Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Social Emotional
  • Emergent & Early Writing

The Kindergarten Screener will be the End Of Year subtests on the CIRCLE Assessment.  The End of Year skills in Prekindergarten reflect the skills needed to be on level when entering Kindergarten.

Click HERE to access the suggested schedule and required subtests for the Kinder Screener.



  1. Cleo Jones says:

    I am super excited about the changes that are being rolled out. I am glad that we will have district wide common assessments to drive our instruction. Istation is a good tool to use, but I feel assessing different subjects is also a fab idea. I am also looking forward to the new observation tool as it is very early “childhood” specific. Go team HISD. Kudos. #soexcited, #cantwait

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