Lead Teachers

Lead Teacher Meetings are scheduled throughout the year where Pre-K and PALS lead teachers will receive training and information on current issues within the Early Childhood Department.  This includes district and state updates, curriculum resources, and professional development opportunities.  

Register for our Lead Teacher Meetings on eTRAIN.  To accommodate your schedule, two sessions are available for you to choose from.  You only need to sign-up for one session per meeting.

13 Responses to Lead Teachers

  1. Laura Warner says:

    I can not register for the November lead teacher training ECO193 on E-Train, from by understanding the training date has moved to Dec 3rd. and 4th ?

  2. Jacqueline M. Ortiz says:

    Can you send an email with the information about the 1st lead teacher meeting, I was not able to attend becasue we had Open House that week. Or can you post the information in here?
    Thank you!!!
    -Jacqueline M. Ortiz
    (Cunningham Elementary)

  3. James Bradley says:

    The EC0191 is not available on etrain but the other ones are. Just FYI 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Mata says:

    My name is Elizabeth Mata from Jenard Gross Elementary. We do not have a lead teacher, but I am the Team Leader. Can I attend the lead teacher meetings?

  5. skutra says:

    I attended the first meeting.

  6. skutra says:

    I can’t register for the 1st lead teacher meeting. My name is Susan Kutra from Mitchell Elementary. Please advise.

    • ECH Team says:

      Please come to our lead teacher meeting. It will be at the Children’s Museum (1500 Binz 77004) from 4:30-6:30 pm. Because of limited seating, only ONE representative from your school can attend.
      We will get you credit through the sign-in sheet. Please email cdowney@houstonisd.org – provide your employee ID # and school and she can add you to the registration list.

    • ECH Team says:

      We are sorry you missed the meeting last night. We are having issues with eTrain. Our next PK Lead Teacher Meeting will be on Oct. 8 here at Hattie Mae White. As of today (9/11) this 2nd PK Meeting is still not showing on eTrain. Please email cdowney@houstonisd.org – provide your employee ID # and school and she can add you to the registration list.

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