Parent Letters

In an effort to keep parents informed about their child’s classroom activities during the first, second, and third 12 weeks of school, parent letters have been created to outline the skills that children will be learning during each grading cycle.

Click on the images to access the documents.

 Parent Letter 1st_12_Wks_Eng       Parent_Letter_1st_12_Wks_Span       Parent_Letter_1st_12_Wks_Viet

 Parent_Letter_2nd_12_Wks_Eng       Parent_Letter_2nd_12_Wks_Span       Parent_Letter_2nd_12_Wks_Viet 

Parent_Letter_3rd_12_Wks_Eng       Parent_Letter_3rd_12_Wks_Span       Parent_Letter_3rd_12_Wks_Viet

2 Responses to Parent Letters

  1. Lourdes Benezra says:

    I think the letter is very helpfull. Do you have it in Spanish ?

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