The EOY CIRCLE Assessment window will  be April 20- May 8, 2015 .  Only prekindergarten teachers are required to administer the EOY CIRCLE assessment. Please select Wave 3 when administering the EOY assessment.

CIRCLE Assessment Reports

The CIRCLE Assessment Reports Webinar is now available on the CLI Engage Pilot website.    This webinar will demonstrate how to access the reports feature in the Engage platform.

CIRCLE Administration Support

A CIRCLE User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions documents are available to support campus administration.  A recommended schedule is also available for Prekindergarten teachers.  For questions about the CIRCLE assessment, please contact Kimberly Guinn at

The new PK assessment is the  CIRCLE assessment (previously known as C-PALLS+) system developed by researchers at the Children’s Learning Institute (CLI). This Pre-K assessment tool is designed to measure young children’s literacy and language skills (vocabulary, letter identification, and phonological awareness). It also includes scales for mathematical skills (numbers, counting shapes, and operations) and social-emotional skills.  This assessment can be accessed through the CLI Engage Platform.

Teachers and administrators will benefit from the technology-based administration and scoring feature that make data interpretation and usage efficient and effective.  The entire system includes eight subtests in the following domains:

  • Literacy *district required – one minute letter naming subtest and a phonological awareness subtest that takes approximately 7 minutes to complete, and two observational checklists of early writing and book/print knowledge
  • Language *district required – one minute vocabulary subtest (images that children are asked to name were derived from multiple Prekindergarten curricula)
  • Mathematics *district required – skills are measured with 27 items that requires approximately 5 minutes
  • Science and Engineering *optional – knowledge is measured with 21 items, requiring approximately 5 minutes
  • Social and Emotional *optional – skills as well as approaches to learning, is measured with an observational checklist

23 Responses to PK ASSESSMENT

  1. Catherine Velasco says:

    What subtests are included in the math EOY goals worksheet? I see the score is 15 but counting sets is a maximum of 5.

  2. Joanna says:

    It’s working now – the CLIEngage site – thank you!

  3. Joanna Gonzales-Rivera says:

    The CLIENGAGE site says the assessment is under emergency maintenance and cannot be used now :/
    Any ETA of when it will be back up?
    Thank you!
    Joanna Gonzales-Rivera

  4. Maricela Rojas says:

    Have the test dates of Wave 2 been set?

  5. Lizette Arzate says:

    I too would like for an extension on the circle test.
    The glitches most of our pre-k teachers have endured has been frustrating to say the least and the setup of the test is not easily maneuvered and I feel that this too has setbacks with the schedules.

  6. Joanna says:

    Is the deadline still this Wednesday the 12th for the PK BOY assessment?

  7. Megan Mitchell says:

    I’m having trouble getting the math sections to load today. Is there anyway to get an extension for testing. I’m worried I won’t finish by Wednesday November 12, because I couldn’t get any math sections completed today.

  8. Susan says:

    As of today I have not received my login information, has the test date been pushed back?

  9. Ivy says:

    I cannot reach the website How I can get the e-mail from cliengage?

  10. Joanna says:

    We are supposed to wait until we get an email from CLI with sign on info to be able to begin assessment? Let me know. Thank you!

  11. Lizette says:

    What is the website to acess the c-pall assessment?
    I am confused still after watching the webinar.
    Can you please send clear instructions as to locating the website and creating a username.
    I heard something about Google… not sure what to do at this point. Please help clarify.

    • ECH Team says:

      The assessment window has been moved to Oct. 6. Directions to access and create Google accounts will come from CLI. The platform is Thank you for your patience.

  12. Alma Garcia says:

    Where is the CLI engage platform? I’m not sure how to access the assessement. Thank you,

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