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You could probably guess that sending a child to pre-kindergarten results in better kindergarten readiness, improved vocabulary, and enhanced reading skills.

But did you know that the benefits of Pre-K go far beyond their school years and into their adult lives?

Starting at age four, nationwide studies reveal that investing early in a child’s education by sending them to pre-kindergarten yields a long list of benefits that go beyond test scores, and into the very fabric of their- and our – futures.  Click HERE to read about the benefits of attending pre-kindergarten.


Timothy Bartik

The author of “Investing in Kids,” Timothy Bartik, studies state and local economies and analyzes the benefits of preschool as an economic development program.  In this well-argued talk, he makes the macro-economic case  for preschool education and explains why you should be happy to invest in it, even if you don’t have kids that age (or kids at all). The economic benefits of well-educated kids, it turns out, go well beyond the altruistic. 

Watch this video from TED TALKS  by clicking on the image above.


PK News Seeds

Nearly two decades ago, a landmark study found that by age 3, the children of wealthier professionals have heard words millions more times than those of less educated parents. It is not a surprise that literacy experts have documented a connection between a child’s early vocabulary and later success in reading comprehension.  

Read this article to find out what early childhood advocates are doing and President Obama’s proposal to increase investment in prekindergarten programs. 

5 Responses to Pre-K News

  1. Patricia Leal says:

    This is interesting:

    Heavily Decorated Classrooms Disrupt Attention and Learning In Young Children

  2. Veronica Flores says:

    What are our Student Measures supposed to be for this year?

  3. C. Lathan says:

    Please notify me when the training Webinars will be on available and/or on e-Train (or link) for CPALLS+ Assessment mentioned in the PK Lead Teacher Meeting – dates: September 24 (Web I – Navigation), 25, and 26. Thank you, Clarissa Lathan

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