Current as well as past Principal Memos are housed on this page.  To access, click below:

April 2015 Prekindergarten End of the Year Updates

April 2015 EOY CIRCLE Assessment

Mar. 2015 Prekindergarten Intent to Apply

Feb. 2015 PreKindergarten Tuition Increase

Feb. 2015 Week of The Young Child

Dec. 2014 MOY CIRCLE Assessment

Nov. 2014 TADS- Pre Kindergarten Student Performance Measures

Oct. 2014 CPALLS+ Assessment BOY Window

July 2014 PK Assessment Changes

April 2014 EOY Frog Street Assessment

March 2014 Intent to Apply Document

Feb. 2014 eTrain PADS

Jan. 2014 MOY Frog Street Assessment

Oct. 2013 PK, K, Pals/PPCD Student Progress Measures

Sept. 2013 BOY Frog Street Assessment

2013-2014 PK Update

4 Responses to PRINCIPAL MEMOS

  1. Krisna Young says:

    My name is Krisna Young. FOR 2013-2014 PRE-K, K, & PALS/PPCD TEACHERS WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE STUDENT PERFORMANCE COMPONENT. Is this the same for the 2014_2015 school year as it relates to student measures?

  2. Alethea Burris says:

    My name is Alethea Burris. I wanted to know if Pre-K will continue to use Frog Street as the curriculum. Are there any changes for next year?

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