You can sign up for Early Childhood Trainings on eTrain located in our HISD portal.  After logging in, find eTrain under HISD Application Links on the left navigation panel of the site. View and register for courses using keywords, course code, or department.  





  1. Meg Jones says:

    We were told at the lead teacher meeting on Sept. 11, that there would be a webinar about CPALLS+ on Sept. 24. Could you post the etrain course number. I cannot find it. Thank you.

  2. Joanna Gonzales-Rivera says:

    Is there still room for Wednesdays training? EC0190. Not on etrain anymore. Thank you! Joanna

  3. Meg Jones says:

    I am trying to register for the training on Feb. 11, but etrain is not showing anything when I search the course code EC0207. I tried ECO207 as well and nothing came up. Please let me know how to register.

  4. Maricela Rojas says:

    FYI– Etrain has not made it possible to register for any upcoming trainings. Been trying since last week to no avail. Checked again a few minutes ago & still not working.

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