Progress Reports

Progress Reports communicate a student’s level of success at the midpoint of a grading cycle.  While it is not a mandatory requirement for Prekindergarten, the ruling to have one can be a school-based decision determined by the school’s administrator(s).  Students in Kindergarten are issued progress reports during the middle of each 9-week grading period.  

Progress Reports created by the Early Childhood Department are based on the Report Card. These forms are not generated from Chancery or Gradespeed, therefore the documents below can be edited by the teacher.  These may be printed out and given to students to bring home.

Click to download:

1st_PG_Span_PK1st_PG_Span_PK1st_PG_Eng K1st_PG_Span K



4th_PG_Eng_K 4th_PG_Span_K

11 Responses to Progress Reports

  1. Ms. Davis says:

    Are we required to sign up for word press in order to access the Kindergarten Progress reports? The Pre-K progress reports downloaded immediately however, I am being asked to register when I click on the Kindergarten progress reports.

    • ECH Team says:

      The Kinder Progress Reports have been updated and uploaded on the HUB. Login with your username and click on the “Resources” folder. For questions pertaining to the Kinder Progress Reports, please call the Reading Department at 713-556-6823.

  2. bnash2014 says:

    The kinder progress report can’t be downloaded due to an error message……please advise…..

  3. Katrina Alexander says:

    Now the english Kinder 4th 9 weeks progress report shows up when you click on the Kinder 3rd 9 weeks, eng and kinder 4th 9 weeks english and spanish.

  4. Jonni Parker says:

    When clicking on the 4th 9 wks progress report English for K it opens the spanish verison.

  5. Juliana says:

    Please check the English Kinder progress report for the 3rd 9 weeks. The objectives are listed as SLA’s instead of ELA’s. The objectives appear to be the correct ones, but the SLA needs to be changed to ELA for each objective.

  6. Gabby says:

    I have a question? For the PK progress report do we put D for discovery, E for exploring and C for connecting and is this progress report the same for all 3 cycles?

    • ECH Team says:

      Gabby, the Progress Report we have on this blog is for the first 12 weeks only. 1,2,3 on top are not cycles but Developmental Stages. In this progress report, check if it is a 1 for Discovery, 2 for Exploring or 3 for Connecting. We will be adding progress reports for the 2nd as well as the 3rd cycle later on.

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