Required Assessment Subtests

All prekindergarten students (3 year olds, 4 year olds, PPCD/PALS) are required to participate in the PK assessment administration unless specified by the ARD or IAT committee. The assessment is administered to individual students by the classroom teacher three times within the academic year. 

To accommodate administration and ensure time for daily instruction, three week assessment windows have been defined for the Beginning of the Year (BOY), Middle of the Year (MOY), and End of the Year (EOY).

The EOY Subtest Calendar is a suggested schedule to help teachers pace themselves throughout the assessment window.  Click HERE to access.

PK Assessment Administration Window
Beginning of Year (BOY) October 22 – Nov. 12, 2014
Middle of Year (MOY) January 12 – 30, 2015
End of Year (EOY) April 20 – May 8, 2015

The required sub tests are listed on the chart below.


Letter Naming Rote Counting Early Writing Skills
Letter Sound Correspondence Shape Naming
Vocabulary Naming Number Identification
Rhyme Recognition Number Naming
Rhyme Production Shape Discrimination
Alliteration Counting Sets
Words in a Sentence  Operations

14 Responses to Required Assessment Subtests

  1. Meg Jones says:

    This is the information for last year’s assessment. Will the information for this year’s assessment be posted? Thank you

  2. Lizette Arzate says:

    Do we need to do the Social Emotional Checklist, Approaches to learning, and physical development sections on the test? If we are not to do those sections are we jeopardizing the test score average? Is there any way to remove this sections in the test like in Frog Street?

  3. Dana L says:

    I am a TDS facilitating TADS training for new teachers. Are these tests for both English and Spanish?

  4. Lizette Arzate says:

    I am trying to remove the subtest that are not required for testing, but do not see the MOY in the “subject tab” in the TEST EXPLORE TAB . How soon will I be able to make adjustments before the test beging on January 13. Thanks!

  5. Dolores says:

    I didn’t see an MOY assessment on the Frogstreet subtests only BOY and EOY. Will it show up later?

  6. Jan says:

    What do I do if subtests are missing or if I want to eliminate the other subtests (that are not required) from showing all on my page?

    • ECH Team says:

      If you find that you are missing subtests for the BOY or you want to eliminate the subtests that are not required for BOY, here are the steps:
      1. From the home page, go to TEST EXPLORER.
      2. From test explorer page, go to tab labeled MANAGE SUBJECTS.
      3. Click the EDIT button for BOY English or BOY Spanish as applicable.
      4. This screen will show 2 boxes. The first box contains all BOY tests and is labeled AVAILABLE TESTS. The second box contains the subtests that show up on your home screen to administer to students and is called TESTS IN THIS SUBJECT.
      5. Between the boxes are arrow keys. You can manage the tests that show up on your home page by moving them back and forth between the 2 boxes.

  7. Dinora Espnosa says:

    Please share the answer you get from Ms. Topek, as we all need that information. Thanks!

  8. Nancy Buechel says:

    I have a question. Under the teacher performance tool my principal chose Language Arts and Concrete objects as the 2 measures. Fot the starting point do we put in the score for vocabulary for Language Arts and the score for cardinality for concrete objects?
    Thank you,
    Nancy Buechel
    Cage Elementary

    • ECH Team says:

      Nancy, please get in touch with Lauren Topek ( for this question. Human Capital Accountability Department takes care of issues relating to Student Performance Measures and Teacher Appraisal.

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